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The Crooked Halo Writing Company exists because we care.

In a world full of cookie cutter on-line writing businesses, students can spend a few bucks and get an essay that sort of meets their teacher's requirements, the same essay as hundreds of other students have purchased on line. High school graduates can cough up some pretty serious coin to have a complete stranger write a university application based on a 'thorough' interview process consisting of three generic questions, and job seekers are sure to land that perfect position with the famous one-size-fits-all resume. Perhaps best of all, what could be better for a hard working entrepreneur than to be told by some on-line know-it-all how to conduct their own business operations?

This is the world of most internet writing services.

Our writers want YOU to be part of the process. It's YOU who knows exactly what YOU need and want, so it's YOU who should be calling the shots!

That's why the Crooked Halo Writing Company deals with each and every client using an individualized approach. Every writing project is unique and must be tailored to meet the needs of each specific situation.

Our writers are highly educated and experienced in writing both academic and business pieces. If we can't help you out, we'll be honest from the start. If we can't match your project with a writer who is familiar with the intricacies of the required genre or the particular needs of your business, then we will not waste your time or make you pay for work that is less than excellent and exactly what you have asked for.

The final product is not considered complete until you are satisfied.

Our haloes are a little crooked and some are even tarnished, but like all angels, we just want to help you get your writing project done!

Academic Services

Need help starting an essay? Got a writing project that just seems impossible to organize? Can't get the presentation to fit on the prescribed number of slides?

We can help.

When the instructor wants thousands of words by next week and you have no idea where to start, let us know and we'll see if one of our writers can help you get things rolling.

Got the project done but not sure if the grammar is up to snuff or if your ideas even make any sense? Our academic writers are not just editors, they're experienced professional educators who know what teachers and professors are looking for. They will work with you to ensure that the project you submit or the presentation you deliver has that extra little 'something' to increase your chances of scoring that high mark!

Professional Services

Want to impress with a report that is not only error free but articulate, creative and original? Need an extra set of eyes to ensure your presentation is going to look and sound intelligent? We can help.

Resumes, cover letters, personal profiles, blogs, websites - you name it, we edit it! Having problems getting started or simply don't have the time or energy to get it written? Let one of our writers lend a hand.

Been writing and rewriting the big speech for that upcoming special occasion? Send it to us and we'll make sure you deliver a memorable speech worthy of the event.

Finally started that story you've wanted to write for years? Decided to put your life story on paper to share with the world? Big or small, the Crooked Halo Writing Company will help you out with whatever you need to make your writing project both a reality and a success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys focus mostly on school papers?
Not at all! Our writing team regularly handles many different school writing projects as well as a variety of business-related and non-academic pieces.
How do I contact one of your writers?
Simply fill out the handy on-line submission request form on our webpage, or fire off an email to Be sure to provide a brief description of what you're looking for so we can assign your request to the best suited writer.
How much does it cost?
There are no pre-set price lists because each individual writing project is unique and will require a different amount of time and effort. That's why we will send you a price quote only AFTER you and the writer have figured out exactly what needs to be done. This prevents you from having to pay a higher 'package' price for a very small writing job!
When do I pay?
Our writers require full payment prior to beginning the project, unless you are a returning regular client, at which time you and the individual writer can work out a payment arrangement that is mutually agreeable.
Is my payment tax deductible?
We're writers, not accountants, so the best we can offer is an official invoice/receipt that you can use for your own tax purposes if possible.
Do you do 'ghost writing'?
What most people understand as 'ghost writing' involves an uncredited or unacknowledged writer/co-author producing a piece of writing. All writing projects completed by our writers are yours and yours alone! We hold no copyright or legal claim over any project once it has been paid for in full.
How do I know your work is original and not plagiarized?
All of our projects are tailored to meet the specific needs of you, the client, so whatever is written for you is going to be an original composition. Besides, good writers will tell you that creating from scratch is actually easier than trying to tinker with something already published. More to the point, plagiarizing is more or less illegal and THAT is not what we're all about. We may be wayward angels, but we sure aren't thieves!

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